Friday, January 11, 2008

The following is a summary of David & David’s trip which started on January 4th, 2008:

David began his sojourn with a scouting trip to the Wattensaw Bayou. Standing near the intersection of the White and the Wattensaw Bayou, he spoke with a squirrel hunter who really didn’t believe the bird had been seen in this area. He gave David some suggestions about where to put in and cautioned him about getting in the White.

The next day David and his son launched from the second Wattensaw Bayou boat launch North of Interstate 40 exiting at the Hazen exit. It was cold and overcast. He noted that there were not as many giant ghost trees as in Bayou De View. These are trees that were left by the lumber companies. The current was a bit fast but fairly easy to navigate. After two hours they turned around and returned to the boat launch. No woodpeckers but a few Wood Ducks were seen. It was just too miserable.

The next day, the two Davids met Bobby Harrison who, coincidentally, was also in Arkansas. They put in at the Highway 17 Bridge on the Bayou De View bridge and traveled South. The weather was quite nice but, as the day before, few birds of any kind were around.

There was a lot of fresh scaling that really interested Bobby so they spent a lot of time photographing and examining the area. All in all it was a good trip but no Ivorybill. They did see a fine Pileated as they concluded their trip which stayed around the area for a while. "It was an honor to travel with Bobby down the same trail of his rediscovery."

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  1. Matthew Nielsen3:46 PM

    I hope you all get to see plenty of Ivory-bills and get great pictures of them!!!! Good luck Bobby!