Sunday, October 30, 2011

Imperial Woodpecker in the News

     Living Bird Magazine has published a recent artilce written by Tim Gallagher about the only known photographic images of the Imperial Woodpecker of Mexico.  The article describes how woodpecker expert Martjan Lammertink found the film, and the trip that he and Tim made to Mexico to find the location where it was shot.   The film of the female Imperial was taken by dentist William Rhein in 1956, just south of Guacamaylta, in the state of Durango.  
     A scientific article was published in the Auk as well.  Martjan was the lead author of the Auk article with Tim and others as co-authors of the article.  The following links will take you to the Auk article abstract, and the film.  Enjoy!

Auk article abstract:
The film:

     In addition to the articles in Living Bird and the Auk, the story has appeared across the world on the web and in newspapers.  I was contacted by "grrlscientist" for permission to run my photo of the Imperial, Ivory-bill and Pileated specimens that I took at the Ammerican Museum of Natural History on her blog.  The image ran with the Living bird article.  You can see the image on this blog at the October 12, 2010 post,  and at the address below.

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